How Compatible Are You And Ben The Bachelor?

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    1. Cuddling up on the couch while watching a scary movie.
    2. Spending a beautiful day on the water fishing.
    3. Learning how to make fresh mozzarella.
    4. Going to a professional football game.

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How Compatible Are You And Ben The Bachelor?

  1. You got:You’re perfect for each other!

    You and Ben would make the perfect couple. The two of you would never grow tired of each other, and would have a long, happy relationship. Hey, Bachelor Ben! Looks like we’ve found a winner!


  2. You got:You’re better off friends.

    Sure, you and Ben have some things in common. But after a few dates, you’d both know in your hearts that it wasn’t going to work out, so you’d decide to stay friends instead. Don’t worry, your Bachelor is out there somewhere!


  3. You got:It’s not meant to be.

    Aw, sorry. You and Ben have different hobbies and values, and would probably make better coworkers than lovers. Ben’s a great guy, but there’s someone much greater out there for you.



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